Top WordPress Hosting Providers

Here is a list of the top 10 Premium WordPress Hosting Providers. :

WPEngine offers their customers with the Best Managed WordPress Hosting platform. Make use of the WPEngine Special Offers to get a discount when signing up for their hosting service.

Mediatemple :

Mediatemple has been providing a great service to its customers. Their plans are top notch and now with Godaddy acquisition of Mediatemple can leverage GoDaddy’s vast servers to provide a better service. :

Pagely provides managed WordPress hosting like WPEngine and focuses only on WordPress Hosting . Our review is coming up. subscribe to our newsletter to receive an update when it’s published.

A2Hosting :

A2 Hosting Provides WordPress Hosting Plan for the best price among all other providers. It also runs optimized WordPress server for WordPress website users. I am a user of A2hosting and i was surprised by the customer support response .

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A Small Orange :

Its a home grown web hosting service which provides better web hosting plans for small and medium sized businesses. They have a tiny plan with which you can start your online website for a few dollers a month.

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